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Mr. Malady’s high rate of success speaks for itself. We get results. When we take on a client, that client can be assured that he or she is our primary focus. In a world that abounds with financial challenges, we formulate and execute plans that solve your problems and let you meet those challenges successfully and happily.

Our clients choose the best option based on solid advice and planning. We will not force you into anything. We are here for you and are 100% on your side. Together we will work to identify the best ways to manage or eliminate your debt. You always have options, and we will help you investigate these options until you find one that is a good fit for your situation.

We work with you to take charge of your debt–and your life–and move toward financial independence. You have legal options just like your creditors. Bankruptcy is a part of Federal law that gives people a fresh financial start when their debts overwhelm them. It is a legal remedy that you are entitled to use to stop your creditors in a fair and honest way, and to get rid of debt completely or to restructure debt in ways that fit your income and situation.

All you need to get control of your financial life is an expert legal team that is highly experienced at guiding clients efficiently and quickly through the complex bankruptcy laws. That’s all we do—help clients just like you to get rid of debts and deal with financial problems. We are fast and we have helped thousands of people get out from under mountains of debt. And once you permanently stop the repeating cycle of late payments, your credit will recover and you’ll get back in control of your financial future. Many of our clients see their credit scores improve significantly after ending this destructive cycle with a bankruptcy case! There is hope and you deserve a fresh start.

We are prepared to help you with any bankruptcy related issue, including: