Family Law with a Focus on Sustainable Outcomes

Family LawThere are few experiences more difficult than a divorce. In addition to dealing with the emotional impact it has on you and your children, there may be a number of complex legal issues to be addressed. Unfortunately, the longer the legal issues take to resolve, the higher the emotional and financial cost of the divorce. Our goal is to provide you with clear, powerful solutions to resolve your divorce effectively.

We have experience with all types of cases related to the dissolution of a marriage, including child support, alimony, and asset division. The final divorce agreement that comes out of your divorce can impact your life for several years—we can help ensure it’s a positive one.

How We Can Help You

We help clients resolve a wide variety of marital disputes in Media, Pennsylvania and the surrounding counties. We take the time to understand the personal and legal issues involved, creating a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals. You can expect to stay informed as we explore every avenue to achieve the best possible outcome. We work to obtain a settlement that accommodates both you and your children’s needs, but if a fair settlement cannot be reached, we will not hesitate to go to trial.

We are prepared to help you with any divorce related issue, including: