Child Support

It can be difficult for estranged spouses to reach an agreement on child support and alimony payments. Just as parents may have differing opinions of what constitutes "the best interests of the child" during child custody negotiations, they may have contrasting perspectives on what is a fair monthly support or alimony sum.

The amount of child support is determined by state guidelines, so court-imposed obligations to provide for children are only as good as the financial data the court possesses. Mr. Malady uses many strategies to ensure that parents with primary custody receive the full support to which they are entitled.

Mr. Malady is familiar with child support laws and the schemes some parents will try to avoid paying support. He will explore all legal options to ensure that you receive fair child support payments.

Enforcing And Modifying Child Support

Mr. Malady uses the mandatory child support conference to determine a parent's income. While most parents are willing to pay child support, some underreport their income to reduce their obligations.

To show the court that a parent is misrepresenting financial information, Mr. Malady will subpoena grandparents or other care providers, as well as tax records and bank statements. If your child's parent is not fulfilling his or her financial responsibilities, Mr. Malady will aggressively pursue legal remedies, including:

  • Contempt of court proceedings
  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank liens

Mr. Malady also represents clients petitioning for child support modifications. Scenarios that may warrant this change after a divorce include change in income, disability, retirement, or graduation from high school.

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